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The SUMPRODUCT Formula. Here's the SUMPRODUCT formula I used in column B above: B3: =SUMPRODUCT (NOT (ISERROR (SEARCH (SearchFor, [@Items])))+0)>0. If you've not worked with Excel Tables before, the " [@Items]" argument will look strange to you. The argument says, "Return the value from the current row of the Items column.".

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Our challenge today is to sum up the ABSOLUTE VALUE of the numbers in column "F", only if the numbers in column "E" are greater than 0: As a quick refresher, the absolute value of a number is the number without the positive or negative sign. So, the absolute value of 6 is 6, while the absolute value of -5 is 5.

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Sum cells based on column and row criteria with formulas. Here, you can apply the following formulas to sum the cells based on both the column and row criteria, please do as this: Enter any one of the below formulas into a blank cell where you want to output the result: =SUMPRODUCT((A2:A7="Tom")*(B1:J1="Feb")*(B2:J7)).

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Assuming the number of calls received follows the poisson distribution, determine the probability of each of the discrete outcomes below. Then calculate the variance component for each one using the standard formula for the variance of a discrete random variable. At the end, take the sum of both columns.

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To sum values in columns by matching matching column headers, you can use a formula based on the SUMPRODUCT function. In the example shown, the formula in J5 is: = SUMPRODUCT( data * (LEFT( headers) = J4 )) where "data" is the named range B5:G14, and "headers" is the named range B4:G4. The formula sums columns where headers begin with "a" and ....

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